Life and Works of Erwin Schrodinger

Erwin Schrodinger is one of the most influential scientists, his works in quantum mechanics statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, physics of dielectrics, genetics color theory, electrodynamics, general relativity, and cosmology is still influencing a vast majority of students to pursue science and technology and be a fundamental reference for scholars of various fields, leading to innovation in their works.


  • Birth:  August-12-1887, Vienna, Austria-Hungary
  • Expired:  January-4-1961 (At 73), Vienna, Austria
  • Spouse:  Annemarie Bertel
  • Field:  Physics
  • Notable Work:  Schrodinger Equation, Schrodinger Cat, Papers in Quantum Mechanics
  • Notable Achievement:  The Nobel Prize in Physics in 1933

Erwin Schrodinger was born in Erdberg, Vienna on August-12-1887 to Rudolf Schrodinger and Georgine Emilia Brenda Schrodinger. He was the only child. His Mother was half Austrian and half English, so he had an opportunity to learn English from his Grandmother, as the schools in Austria taught in Austrian and German.

As a young boy, he was more driven into German Poetry equally to his love of Physics. He was highly influenced by the works of  Arthur Schopenhauer which resulted in his lifelong interest in color theory and Philosophy.

He had the opportunity to learn from renowned Physics scholars and teachers, which lead in to choose a career in Physics. All his life he tried to understand the function of matter and the nature of the universe and tried to create a successful unified field theory.

Erwin Schrodinger hated the Catholic approach and referred to himself as an atheist. But his attention to Easter Religions and Pantheism reflected much in his works in science and philosophy.

He was against the Nazi party and their antisemitism. Erwin Schrodinger thought Science is the only way to approach the meaning of life as we know it. This is reflected In his books What is Life? And Mind and Matter.

He was awarded The Nobel Prize in Physics in 1933, for his works in Quantum Mechanics which he shared with Paul Dirac.

He died on January-4-1961 at the age of 73, throughout his life he held various positions in Respectable Universities and Science Societies. His Life and Works inspired a vast majority of students to pursue science and technology and be a fundamental reference for scholars of various fields, leading to innovation in their works.

Born in Erdberg, Vienna, Austria to Rudolf Schrödinger (Botanist) and Georgine Emilia Brenda Schrödinger (Chemistry Professor, Half Austrian, and Half English)
Learned Physics at the University of Vienna under Franz S. Exner and Friedrich Hasenöhrl,
He earned his Doctorate during this period.
Became an assistant to Exner
Achieved Habilitation
Participated in war work as a commissioned officer in the Austrian Fortress Artillery
1914 & 1918
Became the assistant to Max Wien, in Jena.
In this period (1920’s) he suffered severely from Tuberculosis and stayed at a sanatorium in Arosa.
He formulated wave equation at that Sanatorium
Married Annemarie (Anny) Bertel
Attained the position of Ao. Prof. (Ausserordentlicher Professor), in Stuttgart
September 1920
Became O. Prof. (Ordentlicher Professor), in Breslau.
Moved to the University of Zürich
Succeeded Max Planck at the Friedrich Wilhelm University in Berlin
He left Germany. Because he was against Nazis' antisemitism and became a Fellow of Magdalen College at the University of Oxford.
Received the Nobel Prize in Physics together with Paul Dirac
Lectured at Princeton University; and was offered a permanent position but he did not accept it
Proposed Schrödinger's cat thought experiment after extensive correspondence with Albert Einstein
Took up a position at the University of Graz in Austria.
Accepted the offer of chair position at Department of Physics, Allahabad University in India
He Migrated to Ireland with his wife Annemarie Berte and another woman Mrs.Hilde March
Became the Director of the School for Theoretical Physics
Published his book What Is Life?
Became a naturalized Irish citizen
Retired. He stayed in Dublin till then
Returned to Vienna, as he was appointed as Chair of Physics at the University of Vienna
Schrödinger died of tuberculosis, aged 73, in Vienna.
He was buried in Alpbach, Austria, in a Catholic cemetery. Although he was not Catholic.
The world extended in space and time is but our representation.
- Erwin Schrodinger
The task is ... not so much to see what no one has yet seen; but to think what nobody has yet thought, about that which everybody sees.
- Erwin Schrodinger
We must not wait for things to come, believing that they are decided by ir-rescindable destiny. If we want it, we must do something about it.
- Erwin Schrodinger
Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms. For consciousness is absolutely fundamental. It cannot be accounted for in terms of anything else.
- Erwin Schrodinger
The world is given to me only once, not one existing and one perceived. Subject and object are only one.
- Erwin Schrodinger
Science cannot tell us a word about why music delights us, or why and how an old song can move us to tears.
- Erwin Schrodinger
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