Why You Should Keep a Personal Journal?

Personal Journal

Personal Journal is the written record of your incidents, experiences, and ideas in simple terms a personal journal, notebook, diary, or a log. Writers and others who excel in their careers often keep journals to record observations and explore ideas that may eventually be developed into more formal essays, articles, and stories.

Have you thought of keeping a Personal Journal?

Benefits of having a personal journal:

  • Noting your experience for your future self
  • Confidential and Private 
  • It will be great to read a year later 
  • Hold records of your life
  • A good memory to leave behind for your friends and family
  • Who knows there might be some historical significance to it

“Journal writing, when it becomes a ritual for transformation, is not only life-changing but life-expanding.”

– Jen Williamson, The Unshakeable Author.

A personal journal is your own private document where you record and reflect on life’s events. A personal journal is a potential narrative of Knowledge of the self.

So in simple terms, the personal journal is the best companion without any judgmental mentality, this is the best medium to speak to your soul.

Helps in Improving your writing skills:

Writing your personal journal has no rules and regulations. Journaling is simply the act of informal writing as a regular practice. But as you write you evolve. You will find more great ways to express yourself in your journal. Expression of love, fear, hate, ambition, and solidarity will become more familiar and as you write, you will reach the depths of your heart, and you might be able to find yourself. It serves in many different forms in improving our writing

  • Creative Ideology
  • Explore new ideas
  • Improve your writing
  • Self-confident 
  • Satisfaction 
  • Communication skill
  • Self-growth

Personal Journal As memories:

Many people keep journals to record the day-to-day events in their own lives, process stressful events, problem-solve, or keep to-do lists. Which improves your self-confidence level and pleasure.

A camera can capture moments. But journals can recreate the moment and will let you go back and feel what you felt. No matter what type of journal you keep, it’s a great way to force yourself to start writing and engage in a process of self-improvement.

A Day to Remember:

Every day is a Day to Remember if you believe that Life is a one-time experience.  It took billions of lightyears and trillions of particles to create you and put you at this specific time and space to have this experience called life.

Having noting down all your experiences will help you see through time and space and might help you get connected to what/who created you. 

This what/who depends on what or who you believe in. Call it Universe or Call it by a Name but we all know there is an existence that is beyond our understanding, 

A day to me is just a sequence of dots that when connected properly will help you understand your purpose on Earth or the purpose of Existence self. 

Success and Growth to be simplified are just understandings of purpose, cause, and conflict. A personal journal is a great way to help to understand what has to be understood about yourself. 

Start and end your day with your journal, and may it know the secrets the world never has to know.

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