Selling your book physical copy is Now easy

Authors and writers always felt difficulty in selling physical copies of their books. It’s often a hassle and selling platforms only release the platform only after a target sale volume is reached. We eradicated all that, Orignstory Marketplace is a personalized platform for you to make easy sales.

Why Orignstory Marketplace?

Let's Market Your Book!

Building a community of writers, readers, and publishers.

Orignstory Marketplace was strategized and developed Orignstory, after a lot of research and interviews with readers, writers, and publishers. And we are upgrading it every day to build a strong literary community.

For Independent authors

Indie and self-published authors can now easily sell their books through Marketplace. Authors get a free bio page, with links to their social media accounts and special blogs for every book they publish. This will help them capture new readers and create an affinity to their works

For Publishers

Publishers of all sizes can now sell through our platform despite the language and region of publication. Every publisher will get a unique publisher page and if the publishers need special promotions or information about the new launches, Orignstory will be glad to offer them that.

How to sell in Orignstory Marketplace?

Selling in the Orginstory Marketplace is extremely easy and personalized. Authors and publishers can sell their books in three different modes.


Whenever an order is placed Orignstory will contact and intimate the author/publisher, and the author/publisher can directly send the book/books to the customer’s address.

Shipment on Demand

Once the order is received, the Author/publisher has to send the book to Orignstory and Orignstory will deliver the book to the customer’s address.

Orignstory Fulfilled

Orignstory will maintain a minimum stock of 5-10 books in its inventory and deliver the book to the customers based on orders.


Have a question? Don’t worry we got it covered? Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us, we are there to support you.

No Orignstory Marketplace is only a platform to sell books. We don’t take any Royalty other than our sales commission of 6%.

Absolutely not. Orignstory Marketplace is a completely free-to-use platform. However, before we place your book on our platform, we will go through an authentication protocol.

Bank account details are mandatory since we have to make the payouts based on the order. All the transactions will happen only through RBI-approved secure payment gateways and your details will be highly protected.

All the payments to the authors/publishers will be delivered in 1 business day.

Yes Absolutely. Feeling like giving a coupon or special giveaways, we are in for all that. Apart from that Orignstory also has an exclusive promotion area, where you can no more about promotions.

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