Why should you read “THE REUNION”?

The Reunion is a horror fiction that intends to frighten, and scare by creating an eerie atmosphere for the readers. It deals with emotional bonding between friendship, love, and struggles in life. It frequently relies on supernatural activities to evoke fear in readers.

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The Reunion - Horrible Nightmare

Habitually horror genres should have some reason or motive in their story, I must say kamal has done justice to the genre. The plot deals with a paranormal investigation of a group of friends. As they progress in the investigation the storyline turns much more reasonable and interesting.

The author tells an intriguing story and scares the readers along the way, with no hesitation to brutality which makes the book an absolute page-turner.

“Predictability” is a wild card the author play towards the end of the story. Great authors always give space to their readers to predict the outcomes and end up writing a total ending that keeps the readers amused. 

Anas folded his card but he absolute trust he is going to win his readers. Which he did.

Characters Sketch:

Each character plays a vital role and is necessary to the storyline, we can easily relate to these characters and the tale. The backstory of each character before the reunion adds value to the story.  Also, Author didn’t add any unwanted characters, he just added what was needed to the plot.

The characters’ reunion after 10 years deals with emotional bonding that makes us remember our school days.

Is “The Reunion” an entertaining one?

I personally couldn’t really put this book down and every time I had to, I could only wonder about what happens next. It moved wonderfully quickly and didn’t let us take a break. 

The style of writing itself is extremely engaging and it doesn’t take much to actually imagine what’s written. The words seem to paint pictures on their own with barely any help from your imagination.

Finally, The Reunion is a complete entertaining plot that is different from the usual horror stories. 

If you are a fan of the horror genre, it is a complete treat for you.


What are the expectations:

  1. Who is the culprit?
  2. What makes them progress the investigations?
  3. What happened 10 years ago in their batch?
  4. Do horror genres need an investigation plot?

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Anas Kamal


A 22-year-old boy who loves to read and write and live in dreams because they are much better than reality. He dropped out of Management college, and his passion for writing started during the pandemic lockdown. He is the budding energetic and young author who proved his potential in his debut writing, also his debut book created repercussions among young people.

The Reunion

Genre: Horror
By Anas Kamal

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