Why should you read “Murdrum: The Probe Begins”?

The book “Murdrum: The Probe Begins'' is the first part of a two-part psycho-thriller inspired by true incidents, which deal with the emotions, and motivation of the serial killing, making the plot pretty interesting. “The Probe Begins” deals with the investigation of the unclosed case.

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MURDRUM The Probe Begins

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Murdrum: The Probe Begins is a Psycho Thriller, inspired by some true events in the author’s life. Habitually Psychopath tale has the same basic theme but this book approaches the genre in a completely different method. 

Dr.Sohil Makwana managed to keep the reader curious throughout the murder investigation. The way he connects the dots backward to understand the plan and motivation of the serial killer is pretty intriguing and quite ambitious.

Characters that create the Mystery:

It is famously said, “Characters build the plot, and plots become sequences, and sequences create a story, stories live to inspire”. 

Dr.Shoil understands this extremely well and given his profession and experience in mind, a reader could imagine the depth of his understanding of human feelings and desires. 

He narrated and played the characters so well, as the story’s character keeps the story engaging and moving.

What to Anticipate from the Murdrum:

Murdrum deals with CBI and Forensic science investigation about the unclosed serial killer crime. Also, I must appreciate Dr.Sohil for archiving suspense throughout the book. 

The way Author explains how serial killers are created by society adds reality to the story and the motivation of the killer has moved the plot into a different dimension.

For those who love psychology and the thriller genre, it’s a complete treat for you all.

Questions rising while exploring:

  1. How does society kill serial killers?
  2.  Who is the serial killer?
  3. When will this trauma end?

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Author Bio


Dr. Sohil Makwana

He is an Indian doctor and author of two novels. A picture of him went viral for his service in the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2021. Currently, he works at GMERS Medical College & Hospital, Dharpur as an MD Pharmacologist. In 2020, he started writing his first novel Murdrum: The Probe Begins which is inspired by real-life serial killers. It was published in the first half of 2021.

Murdrum Book

Murdrum: The Probe Begins

Genre: Psycho Thriller
By Dr. Sohil Makwana

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