Dikshita Jain

Favourite Quotes from Let’s Fall and Fly

"It takes millions of coincidences
for one moment to fall into place."
Tags: motivation, believe, moments
“Every person sees the world differently,
they expect, need and admire different things."
Tags: expectation, admiration, people
"Live one day at a time."
Tags: life, motivation, time
“Give yourself the love,
you’ve saved all your life for others."
Tags: life, love yourself, time
"I will always keep you safe in my memories,
But I won't dare to take your name ever again in my stories."
Tags: memories, stories, moments
"Love was true as long as it lasted."
Tags: love, life, truth
"Why blame the one you loved,
the one you lived memories with."
Tags: love, memories, life
"Memories don't choke you
but remind of the beautiful days."
Tags: memories, days, pain
"Even after ... no more love,
Love would never be blamed."
Tags: love, blame
"We will live together, We will die together,
Our souls to heaven will fly together."
Tags: together, heaven, soul
"A leap of faith,
Not to Fall down but to Fly."
Tags: faith, fall, fly
"Your dream to fly could be new,
But it's the same old sky."
Tags: dream, new, fly
"Death awaits somewhere,
And leaving a success story behind before you die."
Tags: success, story, death
"Books are like a secret passage
To the palace of fantasy,
Far away from your land of reality."
Tags: books, fantasy, reality
"Living is all about,
Learning through the chaos,
And finding your own perfect."
Tags: life, lessons, perfection
"Live life in freedom from fear."
Tags: life, freedom, fear
"Growing up, is all about
Just realising,
Why being a child was amazing."
Tags: grown up, child, realistic
"I admire the most, the people,
Who hold their dreams in their pockets."
Tags: admiration, people, dreams
"Let the moment reside down in your memory
To be relived again on some other day."
Tags: admiration, people, dreams
"Inside all of us, there are poems."
Tags: poems, us, within
"A poem can never truly end."
Tags: poems, truth, end

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