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Why should you read “THE REUNION”?

The Reunion is a horror fiction that intends to frighten, and scare by creating an eerie atmosphere for the readers. It deals with emotional bonding between friendship, love, and struggles in life. It frequently relies on supernatural activities to evoke fear in readers.

Why You Should Keep a Personal Journal?

Personal Journal
Personal Journal is the written record of your incidents, experiences, and ideas in simple terms a personal journal, notebook, diary, or a log. Writers and others who excel in their careers often keep journals to record observations and explore ideas that may eventually be developed into more formal essays, articles, and stories.

Why should you read “Murdrum: The Probe Begins”?

MURDRUM The Probe Begins
The book “Murdrum: The Probe Begins'' is the first part of a two-part psycho-thriller inspired by true incidents, which deal with the emotions, and motivation of the serial killing, making the plot pretty interesting. “The Probe Begins” deals with the investigation of the unclosed case.

Why should you read “Fakeism, A Tale of Transformation”?

Deeptaketu Chatterjee
The book “Fakeism” takes you to the Lifestyle and culture of Kolkata. It also deals with emotions, joy, hard times, family, culture, and love. These are the basic needs to sail smoothly in the journey called life, but most of us fail to handle all those things together. Everything seems to be a huge problem for us.